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GaGcast – Episode 150 – Nate gives up

Gen_Con_2014_dragon_02__60295.1390836506.1280.1280Greetings loyal listeners and thanks for joining us on another episode of the Grown As Gamers podcast. This week we’re joined by friend of the show Bobby Harring who will be sharing some of his experiences at GenCon with us later in the episode. To kick things off right we get right into what we played this week. James starts off the segment with a timely impression on the mysterious PT that showed up on PS4 this past week. Short version is that it’s creepy as all get out. Long version is that he had to stop playing and let Cory finish the demo for him because it got so unnerving. After reliving the trauma of PT, James also plugged his favorite summer show The Last Ship once again and tells you that you should be watching it. Nate had to be coerced into sharing his experiences with the old Avalon Hill game (which is now being published by Fantasy Flight Games) Nexus Ops. Nexus Ops is a strategy game that finds players taking on the roles of megacorps trying to edge each other out of lucrative mining operations on a planet full of indigenous mercenaries. Ray finished the summer run on Suits and feels it’s something that you should be watching. He has also found himself very impressed by the freshmen SyFy show Dominion. Finally he officially announced his entrance into the current generation of consoles with his decision to purchase a PS4. Fred, despite frustrations, has been trying his hand at Rocksmith in order to leave us all and start a successful band. He’s also been playing more Titanfall and continues the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles binge that has been captivating his TV time the past few weeks. Our special guest Bobby spent the week catching up on his DVR with episodes of The Quest, Defiance, and favorite of James and Nate – Face Off.

After talking about what they did in the past week Bobby talks about his recent GenCon experience playing in and running Pathfinder games for Paizo. The turn out for the events in the Paizo hall of GenCon was immense and Bobby shares some staggering numbers in regards to attendance. The future looks bright for nerds as some of the most surprising info came from how young some of the kids playing and GMing actually were. Bobby also gives us some info on what we can look forward to at Save Against Fear (coming up September 12-14). Before we leave you for the week we want to know what you guys are most looking forward too in the coming year in regards to board games and RPG’s in the comments below. You can also join us on Twitter @grownasgamers or email us at Until next week stay awesome and stay gaming.

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GaGcast – Episode 149 – Here’s What’s Coming Up

calendarHello loyal listeners and welcome back to another week with the GaGcast! Before we’re able to get into what we played this week the guys get into a conversation about preferred gift communication methods. Unsurprisingly they pretty much prefer being given lists to eliminate the majority of stress. Many helpful gift giving hints and pieces of advice are given so feel free to borrow any that you like. Ray regales us with a tale of his mother gaining access to technology that will allow her to see him at any time. It’s facetime, all the time. The guys finally get into what they played this week with Fred taking the lead. First on the docket is what he can share with us about Evolve without breaking his NDA. His first impressions are very positive and he hopes that the final build successfully builds on what’s already there. He also got to try out Lords of Waterdeep, a worker placement game that he very much enjoyed. James continues to be rather meh on The Strain and the loss of a few characters may cause him to give up on the show completely. The Last Ship on the other hand continues to be his favorite show of the summer season and continues to surprise him with its quality (KEELHAUL). Nate is on deck next and struggles at first to think of what he wants to talk about before finally settling on Road Not Taken, a roguelike puzzle game, (correction from the podcast) and comics based on Avatar the Last Airbender from Dark Horse publishing. He found both to be fun experiences and also manages to launch into a short history of the world of The Last Airbender. Ray wraps up the section with his review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (it was a popcorn flick and not really worth a follow up blu-ray purchase) and Batman: Assault on Arkham (which was fantastic but not for kids). Finally Ray finished his viewing of Avatar the Last Airbender which he became truly invested in after the first season and was surprised by how much he enjoyed it in the end.

After all that was played was covered the guys wanted to take some time to talk about what they’ll be doing at some upcoming events. First up is Operation Loot Chest which will be held at That Game Place on August 23rd from 10am to 10pm. Ray and James will both be there to run all four parts of Camp Wicikini from Silver Gryphon Games in both the Aether and Savage Worlds systems. After that the entire GaGcast will be at Save Against Fear being hosted by the Bodhana Group running Sept 12-14. Everyone will be running something different so make sure you get signed up for whatever interests you. James will be running a session of Camp Myth and also facilitating the massive game of Piledrivers and Powerbombs being held at the event. Nate will be running the Atomic Robo RPG and the Dresden Files RPG which are both part of the FATE system. Ray will be running super villain game Necessary Evil and multiple workshops and panels throughout the weekend. Last, but not least, Fred will be running a game of Shadowrun for those up to the challenge.

Before the show ends Laura posits a question to the group about what to do when you have to explain your geeky hobbies to people in the wild. The guys share lots of life experiences and much sage advice on the topic and it’s definitely worth a listen for anyone who has struggled with this kind of situation before. As always join in on the conversation on our Facebook group or reach out to us on Twitter @grownasgamers. If you have direct inquiries hit us up at Until next week stay awesome and stay gaming.

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GaGcast – Episode 148 – Mish-mash ‘n Stuff

guardians_of_the_galaxy_wallpaper_1920x1080_by_sachso74-d7ng2pvHello loyal listeners to another episode of the GaGcast! We’re mixing up the formula a little this week as we got rolling with a good conversation during sound checks and just went from there. Rather than the typical “what did you play this week” we start the show off with a little bullshitting about wrestling and talk about the recent release of Alberto Del Rio (much to Ray’s delight). Somehow the conversation turns itself to the addition of Lea Michele to the cast of Sons of Anarchy which causes the guys to break out into song. Fekkin’ Stah Wahs makes a brief appearance on the show as well (we’ll get to it eventually). Ray drops a bomb on Fred that he’s been watching Avatar the Last Airbender and Fred proceeds to lose his gobstopping mind. James has been watching Avengers Assemble and came to the same conclusion as the rest of the group; it has no soul and comes off as disingenuous. Talk of the cancellation of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and Young Justice (the pain is still fresh for Ray) spurs talk of how the guys think an all animation channel focused on good, original animation skewed towards an older demographic (Spoiler: we would be in favor of this). Going hand in hand with conversations about Marvel the guys speculate on the massive release list put out by DC outlining their movie schedule. Speculation abounds during the conversation as Ray lists his hesitations about the Batman v Superman movie having such a heavy influence from Frank Miller and why he thinks that will be detrimental to the movie.
Nate takes a short break from the movie talk to mention Expendabros, a free downloadable Expendables 3 themed game from the same guys that make Bro-Force. It is definitely a thing that you should check out. The guys get into big spoiler territory as they collectively geek out about Guardians of the Galaxy so be prepared for that. Short version: it was awesome. Long version: it was really, REALLY, awesome. Finally the guys wrap up the show by talking about the final movies of the summer that are coming out and what they’re looking forward to. What we want to hear from you guys is what has been on your mind lately. This was our show without a specific direction so use the comments section to let us, and the rest of our listeners, what you are really into at the moment. You can let us know this on the Facebook group or send us a tweet @grownasgamers. If you have a more direct inquiry feel free to email us at Until next week, stay awesome and stay gaming.

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