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GaGcast – Episode 162 – Toys are ‘fer Tots!

big-hero-6Hello loyal listeners, and welcome to another episode of the GaGcast. The guys get right into things with what they played this week. Ray has been spending some time in the Diablo 3 expansion Reaper of Souls. Ray also fed his LEGO game obsession with LEGO Batman 3. James and Nate got to try out Shadows of Brimstone the new game from Flying Frog Productions. James also managed to make more progress in The Last of Us. Fred was underwhelmed by Bastion and quickly went back to more Titanfall. Nate was exposed to Revenge of the Nerds which failed to resonate with him but had more fun with the new tracks in Mario Kart 8. The guys as a whole got to see Big Hero 6 which was by far the highlight of the week. Everyone found it to be a fantastic, heartfelt, and unique superhero story. Everyone should go out and see this movie right away.  Like…now.

Talk of the ability to merchandise Big Hero 6 leads to the guys talking about toys from their youth and more specifically about whether or not toys are better now. Nate’s childhood was shaped by engineering toys with varying degrees of safety. Fred found that while imagination served him well nothing could compare to the siren sound of 8-bit chip sets. Ray’s childhood as a street game hustla is called into question and they guys muse on what he must have been like as a kid. Finally James was subjected at an early age to the rigors of roleplaying but is thankful for the powerful imagination it gave him. In case anyone was wondering Nate did some research and it turns out he owned the Thunder Megazord which was the second one in the show. All said and done we want to know what toys you loved from your childhood and would love for you to share them in the comments below or on Twitter @grownasgamers. Until next week, stay awesome and stay gaming.

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GaGcast – Episode 161 – Holiday Giftstravaganza!

Holiday-Christmas-Gifts-GreenSo this week on the GaGcast we run down several key things we’d like, as well as swell ideas for fellow gamers.  PLEASE click on the Amazon links provided as any purchases made through those links help us maintain our fair podcast!  It’s much appreciated.  Without further ado, happy holidays and SHOP WITH RECKLESS ABANDON!

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Episode 9 – Cap ‘n Ton – So…Who’s Wells?

wellsThis special episode is all about CW’s The Flash, and specifically – Dr. H. Wells!

Fan theories abound in this quick Cap n’ Ton show!

Check back here for more original content all the time, because we have an obsession with superhero TV shows!

For real…we’re going to see someone about it.  We swear.

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