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GaG Victory Ship! – Giant Robots

Welcome back to the Victory Ship!  Power up the exothermic reactors and charge the proton cannons, it’s giant robot time!  Nate and Fred kick things off discussing Titanfall, which just had a sequel announced, and what they’d like to see in it.  Discussion includes Transformers, Battlefield 2142, Armored Core, and plenty of others.  Nate then describes his want for a real time strategy game focused on giant robots with combining effects.  Power Rangers of course get discussed, as well as the integrity of the Red Ranger and some serious talk on the priority of gender, including some spot research.

Beyond this, we discuss the need for new video games to be made based off giant robot properties such as Pacific Rim – but to be good.  Nate has an apparent need for the inclusion of synchronized moves and call out their attacks.  Fred wants a new Robot Alchemic Drive game, or at least something that takes place in a second person perspective where the player needs to control their robot through their character’s eyes.

Do you have a favorite kind of giant robot?  Let us know what it’s like on our facebook page!  Have an idea for discussion?  Share it, and we’d love to talk about it on the show!

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GaGCast – Episode 132 – The Great Yawhg

This week the boys are joined by Brian Waltersdorff, owner of local game and comic shop Comic Store West (on Industrial Highway in York). They don’t even make it out of the introductions before Nate and Ray get in a fight over the Monty Hall problem. Feel free to look this up online and prove Nate right. Once James steps in the conversation transitions into what was played this week. Fred was kept busy with Titanfall once more but found a lot of his time being spent with Mercenary Kings. Mercenary Kings a free game available on Playstation Plus this month that combines the gameplay of Metal Slug with a customizable gun creation system. Definitely checking out for the low low price of free. Ray didn’t so much play as watch a lot of stuff this week with what he considered great episodes of Arrow and Agents of SHIELD. He has also almost finished reading through the FATE core system and looks forward to running something in it for the group soon. Nate found himself being sucked into the addicting world of Marvel Heroes. In addition to that he played The Yawhg and indie game available on PC that is a randomly generated storytelling game where you take on the roles of villagers preparing for the mysterious Yawhg. Special guest Brian has been playing through LEGO Lord of the Rings in preparation for the LEGO Hobbit game coming out soon. Along with the he also played the DC Deckbuilding game with a variation that added the villains right into the main draw deck. Finally the discussion gets to James who also played Marvel Heroes but, much like Ray, spent most of the week catching up on TV. He very much enjoyed the season finale of The Walking Dead and the latest episode of The Good Wife, in addition to those shows he also mentioned catching up on Suits, The Americans and the new season of Archer.

Special guest Brian is finally allowed to speak on his experience at the GAMA convention in Las Vegas.  GAMA is a convention that caters to the developers, retailers, and publishers of the board game world. Before he got into the nitty gritty of the con he surprised the guys with a gift of Avengers vs. X-Men the dice master system game to the delight of all. Talk about the con continued where games like D&D Attack Wing, Munchkin Adventure Time, and a X-Files board game were displayed. He also shared some info on the availability of Cards Against Humanity (which you can start expecting to see in stores) and the Through the Breach RPG based on the Malifaux setting. After all the con talk was finished Brian also covered all of the great events planned for International Tabletop day that Comic Store West will be hosting. There will be a Ticket to Ride tournament with prizes of exclusive trains for the game, a King of Tokyo tournament where a win will not only net you a promo monster but also a spot in the tournament at Gencon, and last but not least a very awesome custom remake of Super Dungeon Explore set in the world of Super Mario. The GAGcast will be hosting a DC Deckbuilding tournament, custom scenarios of Sentinels of the Multiverse, and Gears of War. Anyone who comes out will also get to enjoy a discount on the many board games available for sale at the shop.

Ray decided to end the show talking about his thoughts on how WB will be carrying out its movie releases that take place in the DC Universe. Please give this section a listen and let us know what you think of Ray’s theory on the Facebook group page. In closing we hope to see you on April 5th for Tabletop day at Comic Store West. We’ll also be making an appearance at the store on May 3rd for Free Comic Book day where we’ll be live casting. Finally don’t forget to follow us on the Facebook group, or twitter @Grownasgamers, or you can even email us a Until next week, stay awesome!

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GaGCast – Episode 131 – Listener discussions!

On a rather fragrant episode of the GaGcast, the boys get together to go over a bunch of listener posts from the group page (where you should totally go and join in on the discussion). Nate starts of the WDYPTW with his impressions on the Reaper of Souls expansion for Diablo 3. Look for this add-on to extend the game by about 8-10 hours worth of story and plenty of replayability with the new adventure mode. He also gave into peer pressure and tried out Marvel Heroes with the rest of the guys. On Wednesday he had a game night with friends and brought the luck pushing game Incan Gold, and current personal favorite, Sentinels of the Multiverse. Much fun was had by all. Ray naturally stayed in the clutches of his dark mistress Marvel Heroes, but also started reading up on the Spirit of the Century campaign world for the FATE system. This system mixes two-fisted action, swooning damsels, and daring-do into one big bucket of fun. James played more Shadowrun Returns and continues to enjoy it. He wanted to give a specific shout-out to the recent Flash one shot comic for bringing back Flash Facts, which attempt to add realism to the Flash’s pure awesome. Finally he got a chance to see Gravity and was pleasantly surprised by the film having more depth than he originally thought it would. Fred tried out Rome 2: Total War and found it not to his liking despite his being a fan of RTS games. The graphic impressiveness wasn’t enough to offset the slow paced combat for him. He also went back to Civ 5, Titanfall, and surprisingly enough got in a game of Left 4 Dead 2.

After all of that, the show gets into the main attraction and tackles lots of topics from the group page. First on the docket were the group’s impressions of the TMNT trailer. Fred and James are both looking forward to it, Ray has issues with their height, and Nate just doesn’t care. All express the fact that the turtles have been through so many iterations it’s not fair to write the movie off right away even though Michael Bay is involved. Following that topic the idea of shows or movies that should have snagged your attention but didn’t gets brought up. Nate continues to feel apathetic about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D due to what he saw as an inability for the show to make him give a damn about anything happening. James was disappointed by the flat, boring, poorly written alien invasion show The Event. Revolution is what did Ray in and he also managed to open up old wounds by bringing up Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. Fred has finally given up on Once Upon a Time after the Neverland arc put a stake in the shows heart.

In minor news(to the group at least), Facebook bought the Oculus Rift, the guys can’t blame them for taking the 2 billion dollars. They also touch on the Top 10 Tropes of Wrestling courtesy of Reddit. Is The Last of Us, which is now coming to the PS4, a system seller? Is the Arkham Knight really Jason Todd? What do the guys play online games on? All of these questions are answered in the final section before we let you know where you can meet us out in the wild. We’ll be at Comic Store West for National Tabletop Day on April 5th. May 3rd will see us once again at Comic Store West for Free Comic Book Day. Finally you can join the guys in supporting charity at Meeples and Peoples May 19th -21st. Don’t forget to join the group on Facebook and let us know what you thought of the show. As always, thanks for listening.

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