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GaGcast – Save Against Fear 2014

SAF2014This week on the GaGcast we’re bringing you interviews directly from Save Against Fear 2014!  This weekend-long RPG convention for a cause was a mighty success, and we’re proud to have been a part of it.  Check out the link for photos of the festivities!  Many thanks to The Bodhana Group for putting an amazing convention together in the heart of Lancaster.






Considering the number of people we talked to, this is a whopper of a podcast at two and half hours.  So!  To keep things handy and seek at your leisure, here’s the breakdown of interviews and how to quickly find all of them!

:00 Liz Miller

8:15 Rich Thomas and Chad Griffith

38:20 Branden Leavens, Steph Goswitz, John Appel

53:12 Jen Riggs, Randy Ward

1:11:30 Jack Berkenstock Jr, Gillian Kinney

1:26:14 Jen Wertz, Bobby Harring

1:41:34 John Sergott

1:48:25 Ambyr Lawrence, Alysia Shenk, JK, and Gideon

2:06:04 James Stevenson, Steven Laskoske

2:19:39 Max Yoder, Tim Berkenstock, Steve Frankhouser

Thanks also go to our guests, the attendees of the convention that helped make it a success, and everyone who supports personal growth through gaming!

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Let’s Play The Last of Us Remastered – Part 3 – Fuck The Popo

In Part 3 of The Last of Us, we on the run from the popo. But they can’t catch me son! Thanks for watching, we out.


GaGcast – Episode 152 – Time Warp Vortex, It’s Fluffy

twvWelcome back loyal listeners to another episode of the GaGcast. This week the guys are joined by special guest Trevor Murray who is on the show to talk about his Kickstarter RPG Time Warp Vortex. Before we get the details on Trevor’s project the guys talked about what they played this week. Fred led the charge with a slew of games starting with Battlefield 4 which he has been enjoying despite what he considers a steep learning curve to the game. He also started dipping his toes into Galactic Civ 2 and expects to spend a lot more time with it. When he wasn’t gaming Fred caught up on the tv series Undateable and Silicon Valley both of which he enjoyed.  He also got to finally watch How to Train Your Dragon 2 and was impressed with the entire movie. Ray picked up a copy of Diablo 3 with the Reaper of Souls expansion and enjoyed the level of polish and flair that the game possessed. He’s also been spending more time with D&D 5th edition in anticipation of running sessions of it at Save Against Fear. James is very excited about football season starting up and in a surprising turn of events has found himself getting very invested in the Lifetime original series The Lottery. The show takes place in a world where only 100 viable human embryos exist in a time where no women have given birth in ten years and follows the politics of the situation. Nate couldn’t help himself and tried out the demo of Hyrule Warriors for Wii U and found it, despite his best efforts, enjoyable. Special guest Trevor spent some time this week playing the deck building game Dominion and some rounds of DOTA 2.

Speaking of Trevor the guys have him on the show to share some details about his Kickstarter project for Time Warp Vortex (TWV). TWV is a universal RPG system based on d12’s that includes tons of races and a highly customizable, and unique, job system. The guys talk about some of their experiences with universal systems and Trevor explains some of the mechanics that make his system tick. You can check out TWV at it’s kickstarter page  and on the official website. Make sure to make your way out to Save Against Fear where the entire GaGcast crew and Trevor will be playing games all weekend for a great cause. You can join in on the daily conversations on the Facebook group or let us know your thoughts on Twitter @grownasgamers. Until next week stay awesome and stay gaming.

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