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Down Right Fierce – Episode 1 – Street Fighter V Hype!

street fighter 5In our first ever fighting game themed podcast, Ray and Fred tackle the news of Street Fighter V, it’s new contender Charlie Nash, the talk about the open beta, what a solitary console platform means to the fighting game community, and speculate on what they want to see in this most anticipated sequel!

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Cap n’ Ton Show – Episode 11 – Top 5 things STILL missing from Central City

flashContinuing our recent obsession with The Flash TV Show on CW, Captain and the TON talk about things we STILL want to see on the Flash. 

Being more than halfway done with season 1, almost all of our initial wish list for the show has been fulfilled! Can Flash continue it’s roll of fan service and comic adaptations while doing the material justice? 

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BATMANIA: Let’s Play Batman: Arkham Asylum Parts 1 & 2

Listen, GAGeteers. The Longcouch is excited for Batman: Arkham Knight in June. Like, really excited. Like, unhealthily excited. But June is pretty far away. So he decided to bring you all 3 Arkham titles in Let’s Play form to give you (and himself) something to hold him over until the new game graces us. Hope you enjoy! There’s a lot more to come.