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The Godzilla Glass Debate (an excerpt from episode 158)

ingodzillawetrustWe mention “the Godzilla Glass” moment quite often on the podcast, and it’s been requested by many that we highlight the origin of that phrase.  Our resident GaGeteer Historian Michael stepped up to the plate and combed mercilessly through the archives to find that exact conversation.  Here it is, the final moments of episode 158.


May Gojira have mercy on us all.


And Zilla be damned.

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GaGcast – Episode 181 – Mancation 2015 Special

stormtroopersplayingscrabbleHello loyal listeners, and thanks for joining us on another episode of the GaGcast. We have a slightly shorter episode for you this week that was recorded at our annual Mancation. This week the guys talk about a little bit of movie news and a lot a bit about stuff they played.  Games on the highlight reel include Mortal Kombat X, Shadows of Brimstone, X-Com: The Board Game, Dead Panic, Mansions of Madness, Wolfenstein: The New Order, DC Deckbuilder, and many more.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy us rambling about stuff we love. If you want to join in on the conversation feel free to post below about what you played this weekend. You can also give us a shout out on Twitter @grownasgamers. Until next week stay gaming and stay awesome.

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Episode 180 – Infinite Replayability


Greetings loyal listeners and thanks for joining us for another episode of the GaGcast. The guys start the show by talking about the series debut Daredevil on Netflix. In short, it is fantastic. The fights are brutally choreographed and set the tone for the entire show. The dialogue doesn’t talk down to the viewer and the characters actions are true to those in the comics. All in all, every part of this series delights and entertains, we can’t wait to see more from this production line of Marvel shows.

Aside from Daredevil, the guys did play and do other things this week. Nate and Fred spent a lot of time in Bloodborne. Bloodborne is a beautiful gothic masocore game that tasks the players with finding a mysterious cure in a dangerous city. The game relies on skill and careful gameplay above all and poses unique challenges to the player. For more information check out the most recent episode of the Victory Ship podcast. Fred spent time with Battlefield: Hardline and found himself invested in the single player story for the first time in a Battlefield game. He also spent time with Warmachine Tactics, which despite some rough edges still provides a good approximation of the tabletop game at a fraction of the price. Ray has spent a lot of time with the MOBA Infinite Crisis. Since the beta the gameplay has been refined  and the game provides a solid overall experience. At International Tabletop Day Ray got to play Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice which is a fun and light dice chucker where players take on the roles of masked wrestlers.

The main topic of the show is games with infinite replayability. The guys discuss some of their favorites including Civilization V, Street Fighter, Wipeout, and Warcraft III. This week we’d love to hear about some of the games you find constantly replayable in the discussion below. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @grownasgamers. If you could also take the time to leave us a rating and review on your podcast listening service of choice we’d very much appreciate it. Until next time, stay gaming and stay awesome.

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