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GaGcast – Episode 161 – Holiday Giftstravaganza!

Holiday-Christmas-Gifts-GreenSo this week on the GaGcast we run down several key things we’d like, as well as swell ideas for fellow gamers.  PLEASE click on the Amazon links provided as any purchases made through those links help us maintain our fair podcast!  It’s much appreciated.  Without further ado, happy holidays and SHOP WITH RECKLESS ABANDON!

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Episode 9 – Cap ‘n Ton – So…Who’s Wells?

wellsThis special episode is all about CW’s The Flash, and specifically – Dr. H. Wells!

Fan theories abound in this quick Cap n’ Ton show!

Check back here for more original content all the time, because we have an obsession with superhero TV shows!

For real…we’re going to see someone about it.  We swear.

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GaGcast – Episode 160 – The Ballad of Tangenitals

linkguitarHello loyal listeners and thanks for joining us for another episode of the GaGcast. This week the guys talk about iconic music in games but first they cover what they played this week. In between games of Civilization 5 James managed to finish off South Park The Stick of Truth and found it an easy recommendation for fans of the series but not really anyone else.  Ray had lots of fun on Pandora’s moon in Borderlands the Pre-Sequel and is looking forward to the soon to be released DLC that puts you in the shoes of one of Handsome Jack’s body doubles. Nate spent some time with the indie game Risk of Rain, a side scrolling roguelike that gets harder the longer you play it (that’s what she said). In addition to that he shares a lot of information from the latest Nintendo Direct. The biggest news takeaway from the mini press conference being the release of a remastered Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask for 3DS. Other games mentioned include Codename STEAM, Splatoon, and Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker. Fred enjoyed more Titanfall and also watched the time traveling sci-fi movie Edge of Tomorrow which he found to be very good.

The main topic of the show this week, as mentioned earlier, is music in games. The guys talk about soundtracks that have stuck with them for a long time whether through sheer quality or through the emotions they invoke while playing. There is also talk of what music is appropriate for tabletop gaming (Spoiler: It’s not Leonard Nemoy’s Ballad of Bilbo Baggins) and what you should look for when creating a soundtrack for different game styles. What we want to know from you the listeners is what your favorite game soundtrack is. Do you listen to music in game? Do you play your own music instead? Sound off in the comments below or send us a tweet @grownasgamers. James and Ray will be at Mepacon this coming weekend so make sure you say hi to them if you plan on attending. Until next week stay awesome and stay gaming.

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