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GaGcast – Episode 158 – Best Bad Films


?????????????Thanks for joining us on another week of the GaGcast, loyal listeners. Fred kicked off what we played this week with the Legend of Korra on PS4. He enjoyed how impactful the combat was and found it to be enjoyable even if it’s not a shining beacon of gaming. He also took a spin in the new Titanfall cooperative horde mode which breathed some fresh air into the game. Ray prepared himself for the second life marathon by brushing up on his Injustice skills and putting Borderlands the Pre-Sequel on hold for now. He has also been enjoying the new season of American Horror Story which takes place in a freak show this season. Nate fired up the old school RPG Earthbound on his Wii U this week and also finished off  the main campaign of Hyrule Warriors. James has come to the darkside and started on his own personal Civ 5 addiction. Laura has been playing Destiny and bemoans its total lack of anything resembling a story.

The guys then geek out a bit and toss around mass speculation following the release of the Avengers 2 trailer. Everything about the movie has the guys hype, especially the design of Ultron. Expect the hype train to be in full effect until the game’s release. Speaking of movies Nate starts a discussion with the guys about what their favorite bad movies are. This conversation leads to the guys pondering what really makes these movies bad and realize taste truly is subjective. What we want to know is what bad movies you the listeners like and want you to share them in the comments below. You can also let us know on Twitter @grownasgamers. Until next week stay gaming and stay awesome.

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GaGcast – Episode 157 – Sexism, #gamergate, and you

sexismHello loyal listeners and thanks for tuning into another episode of the GaGcast. The guys have some special guests to talk about a pretty large topic this week but first they get into what they played. Ray didn’t have much time to play this week as he’s been getting acclimated to a new job and catching up on recent television. Nate finished off Ocarina of Time for the millionth time and started on the much harder Master Quest mode of the game. Special guest Jen talked about her new experiences in the group’s FATE game and how much she liked the different take on RPG’s that the system presents. James watched the new Carrie remake which he enjoyed a great deal and also got his hands on the new Madden which he found, in his brief time, to be a worthy addition to the franchise. Fred didn’t touch anything new but gave in, once again, to the sweet siren call of Civilization V. A comment from Ray leads to the next topic which is how the guys feel about DC announcing their movie release lineup. Nate still hasn’t come to grips with how much he didn’t like the Man of Steel movie despite everyone else on the GaGcast enjoying it a great deal. The overwhelming feeling is that they are coming off as a little desperate in their desire to play catch up with Marvel and only time will tell if it pays off in the end.

Talk of comic movies leads to the main topic which was inspired by a post on the group page. The guys venture once more into the murky waters of female representation in geek culture and are luckily accompanied by two women at the table. The difference in feel between  the new Ms. Marvel and the new female Thor are discussed as well as how changes can be made to improve not only female representation but also involvement in the industry. This is a topic that we’d very much like to hear from our listeners about so please leave your thoughts in the comments below. The guys also take a little bit of time to touch on the subject of #gamergate and all the pitfalls that the topic entails. We at the GaGcast want you to know that we value our integrity as critics of pop culture and that we will never be afraid to give our opinions on games and media however they may fall. With all that being said don’t forget to join the group on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @grownasgamers. If you listen to us on Stitcher or iTunes take the time to leave a rating that reflects how you feel about our show. Until next week stay gaming and stay awesome.

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Let’s Play The Evil Within – Parts 1 & 2

Greetings, GAGeteers! Feast your eyes on some of The Evil Within, the new survival horror / psychological thriller from Shinji Mikami, esteemed creator and director of the Resident Evil series! Can the Longcouch survive the horrors that await? With creative editing, he sure can! Here are the first two parts of this series.