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GaGcast – Episode 154 – Ray’s Big Week

Birthray1This week is one giant What Did You Play This Week as Ray leads the GaGcast through several different avenues of entertainment!  Ray finally got to play the Infinite Crisis expansion to the DC Deckbuilding game. He liked it a lot and felt it added something that the game was missing with its pure co-op nature. Nate also played a session of the game but came away with a very different impression finding it lacking in a lot of ways and overall not very fun. James played three different rounds of it and wants to wait a little longer before passing a final judgement. In other deckbuilding game news all four of the guys played Shadowrun: Crossfire and found it to be an all around great game with a slight downside of inflated cost.

Ray and James also talked about some of the things they did at Grumpy’s Sci-Fi day where they ran a panel. The group as a whole put a cap on their three year long DC Adventures RPG game and Fred and Ray have some advice for GM’s looking to wrap up such an involved type of game. The conversation really kicks into gear when the subject of the new show Gotham comes up. All of the guys were in agreement that it seemed to be going in a good direction and found the first episode very solid. Even Nate could only complain about a few nitpicky issues that didn’t really impact the overall quality of the show. Everyone is looking forward to where it is going and hope that episode two can continue with the momentum given by the pilot. Agents of SHIELD came back for its second season and the initial episode left some things to be desired. The guys talk about how they think the show needs to grow in order to remain relevant and interesting in a superhero saturated television market. James was very excited by the return of Sleepy Hollow and Hell on Wheels (shows that are very highly recommended by other GaGcasters). Finally, Fred goes on a small tangent about how he should bloody well be able to express that the storyline in Destiny is buttcheeks without people needing to come out in droves to defend it. That’s all from us for the week but make sure you join the Facebook group so you can join in the daily discussions and become part of the growing GaG community. If you have any personal inquiries or suggestions we’d love to hear from you @grownasgamers on Twitter or at Until next week, stay gaming and stay awesome.

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GaGcast – Episode 153 – Shootin’ the Shit

bidetWelcome back loyal listeners, and thanks for joining us on another episode of the GaGCast. The guys start the episode off by shooting the shit but eventually get into what they played in the past week. The big highlight for everyone was the Save Against Fear event put on by our friends at the Bodhana Group. Fred starts things off by proudly exclaiming that he got to play Shadowrun on the player side of the table for the first time in years (he was very happy). He joined Ray and James in the group’s first Pathfinder Society game run by friend of the show Bobby Harring. Fred and Nate together finally got their hands on the long awaited Sentinels Tactics and have nothing but good things to say about it, finding it to be a fun and straightforward tactics game. James got to play some Age of Rebellion from Fantasy Flight which he enjoyed despite multiple interruptions. One big highlight from the weekend was the Vault of the Dracolich; a multiple party dungeon that was run in the new Dungeons and Dragons setting. Ray had people clamoring for position in his Necessary Evil game and noticed an interesting trend in the female players. Nate had a blast running the Atomic Robo RPG as well as the Dresden RPG which both utilized the very awesome FATE system.

Getting away from Save Against Fear the big highlight for most of the guys was Destiny which was very much enjoyed by Kirk, Fred, and Ray who all took different things away from the game. They expect their opinions to change over time as more things are added but for now they’re very pleased with what they’ve been playing. Nate and Fred tried out Shadowrun: Crossfire a cooperative deckbuilding game set in the eponymous universe. The game is very much meant for 4 players and you can expect a more accurate impression of the entire game on next week’s show. Before wrapping up the show we want to make a few big announcements. First thing is that we have added a new section to the website. Please head on over to and sign up to take advantage of our new guild planning and group organization features that Webmaster Kirk has set up. We also want to take the opportunity to talk about the History of Gaming (mostly) that we’ll be running at Planet X comics on our Wednesday game nights from 5-8. That’s all we’ve got for this week but make sure you come back next time when we talk about…stuff. Until then stay awesome and stay gaming.

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GaGcast – Save Against Fear 2014

SAF2014This week on the GaGcast we’re bringing you interviews directly from Save Against Fear 2014!  This weekend-long RPG convention for a cause was a mighty success, and we’re proud to have been a part of it.  Check out the link for photos of the festivities!  Many thanks to The Bodhana Group for putting an amazing convention together in the heart of Lancaster.






Considering the number of people we talked to, this is a whopper of a podcast at two and half hours.  So!  To keep things handy and seek at your leisure, here’s the breakdown of interviews and how to quickly find all of them!

:00 Liz Miller

8:15 Rich Thomas and Chad Griffith

38:20 Branden Leavens, Steph Goswitz, John Appel

53:12 Jen Riggs, Randy Ward

1:11:30 Jack Berkenstock Jr, Gillian Kinney

1:26:14 Jen Wertz, Bobby Harring

1:41:34 John Sergott

1:48:25 Ambyr Lawrence, Alysia Shenk, JK, and Gideon

2:06:04 James Stevenson, Steven Laskoske

2:19:39 Max Yoder, Tim Berkenstock, Steve Frankhouser

Thanks also go to our guests, the attendees of the convention that helped make it a success, and everyone who supports personal growth through gaming!

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